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Here’s what people are saying about our Fish Tacos:

“Give me MOREale of Orale!” Nora R.

“After driving by this place repeatedly for over a year, I finally decided to give it a try on a Thursday night. And I’m glad I did. This is a small taco shop that is well maintained and clean. They have a good selection of items from fajitas and fish tacos to quesadillas and seafood soups at very reasonable prices. I went in at 6:30 and they were able to take my order and prepare my food within 5 mins. Service was quick and courteous. I ordered a halibut fish taco which came with a few chips and salsa and a side of Spanish rice. My total was only $5.19! What a deal! The taco was juicy and fresh and the rice was soft and flavorful. They even sprinkled some pico de gallo on top of my rice. I would definitely go back and try other items on the menu. I’m so glad I finally stopped in. I only wish that they served fish rolled tacos and carne asada fries like they do in SoCal…but until then, this is my new favorite NorCal taco shop.” Judy P.

“Welcome to Heaven! I was lucky enough to be one of the 1st customers there on their opening day. I’d recommend the Ahi, Breaded Halibut and Carnitas Tacos and the huge Chevelas. Let me elaborate.. the Chevelas at this place are served in a 1/2 pitcher, cost $5 (and they are served with Shrimp) and are quite possibly the most refreshing thing on a hot summer day when combined with Fish Tacos :) This place is highly recommended for all.. I just hope that it doesn’t get too busy once everyone finds out about it. Update: Orale has the Best Breakfast Burrito in San Jose and it is served all day.” Michael B.

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