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Orale was recentkly featured in the San Jose Restaurant Examiner in an article titled ‘From Ricardo’s to Orale’ by Michelle Rizzi. Read the article and let us know what you think. Here’s an excerpt below:

The article discusses how Ricardo’s, an older neighborhood favorite, has closed it’s doors – ending an era of traditional Mexican and American cuisine to make way for a new style of legendary Mexican deliciousness.

ricardos“..Eventually Orale Mex-Grill opened, representing itself as a fish taco place. The menu was extensive and intriguing, with lots of choices including a very reasonable oyster on the half-shell price (just a dollar a piece!), traditional Mexican meaty fare, but most impressive were the available options for seafood, whether it was in tacos, quesadillas, burritos, tostadas and even nachos. They included tilapia, scallops, red snapper, fresh (and real) crab meat, octopus, ahi tuna and halibut. 

Still skeptical about the quality, freshness, and even preparation of said seafood, and after reading a few very positive reviews on Yelp (yes, we do that too), I decided to give it a shot. And I sure am glad that I did. 

I was a little worrisome about the oysters when they showed up, as they were gigantic and I generally go for the smaller, sweeter ones, as the large tend to be fishier. Not the case here. Served with cocktail sauce and lime wedges, and although I missed the spiciness of the horseradish, the problem was easily fixed because they had a creamy horseradish behind the counter that did the trick. But the taste of the oyster in itself was fresh and clean, with hints of mineral, just as it should be. tacos

Tacos here, made with awesome fresh homemade tortillas, are served a little differently than authentic taquerias; with grilled bell peppers, onions, cabbage, avocado sauce and a shot of orange sauce, which tastes awfully nice, but really not necessary. The freshness and quality of the seafood really shines and is complimented with just a squeeze of lime. The sauces did add a nice quality to the tacos but made them sort of all taste a little too similarly for how varied the seafood choices are. I would order them on the side next time, because I prefer to taste the fish more than the sauce, and if you want it, just a dab will do ya…”  

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